Friday, December 18, 2009

Jon Gosselin Still Doesn't Get It

Jon Gosselin still does not get it! Even though he is now broke, lost his home, lost his wife and lost his 8 children (Kate is primary guardian), he still does not understand what he did wrong.

Apparently he thought that he was a celebrity. He did not realize that he had a reality TV show because of the kids. Does he actually think that someone wants to hire him as an actor, book writer or any other capacity? Will he be happy as an IT technician? I think his head has grown too much for that.

Here on the day his divorce is finalized, he still does not understand that he is not a celebrity and no one wants to see him or here from him again. TLC gets it. That is why they want to do a new show with just Kate and the kids. TLC understands who butters their bread, Jon Gosselin does not.