Friday, December 18, 2009

Jon Gosselin Still Doesn't Get It

Jon Gosselin still does not get it! Even though he is now broke, lost his home, lost his wife and lost his 8 children (Kate is primary guardian), he still does not understand what he did wrong.

Apparently he thought that he was a celebrity. He did not realize that he had a reality TV show because of the kids. Does he actually think that someone wants to hire him as an actor, book writer or any other capacity? Will he be happy as an IT technician? I think his head has grown too much for that.

Here on the day his divorce is finalized, he still does not understand that he is not a celebrity and no one wants to see him or here from him again. TLC gets it. That is why they want to do a new show with just Kate and the kids. TLC understands who butters their bread, Jon Gosselin does not.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TLC Drops Jon Gosselin - Good for you!

TLC has dropped Jon Gosselin from the Jon and Kate plus 8 show. The new show starting November 2, will be called Kate plus 8. Apparently Jon will still be on the show intermittently and TLC claims that he is still under an "exclusive" with them.

Hopefully they will drop him altogether after his contract expires. America does not want to see Jon Gosselin rewarded for destroying his family, divorcing his wife, moving to another state and then claiming that he is still a good father.

TLC has done the right thing for America, their television ratings, Kate Gosselin and the Gosselin children.

Jon needs to get the message that he has done the wrong thing. That message does not seem to have penetrated his thick skull yet. Hopefully this latest move by TLC will send him a stronger message: You have wrecked your own life along with your children's lives.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Take The Gosselins Off the Air - Jon has Ruined Kates Dream

Please do everyone a favor and take the Gosselin's off of the air so that Kate and the children can live in peace. Jon ruined Kate's dream life of having her own reality TV show, having eight happy kids and having enough money to live great.

Sorry Kate, you married a big "you know what". Too bad you had eight kids with him because now you will always have to deal with him.

Now it has come out that he slept with the nanny. This is just disgusting and frankly, no one wants to hear about it again.

We are also tired of hearing that the Duggar's are going to have another kid. Please make it stop. Everyone loves the Duggar's family. What is not to love? But, Michelle really needs to face reality. She is putting herself and her baby in danger at this point and it is not worth the risks.

Michelle, please stop being so selfish. I just heard that some of your older daughters are not going on to college because they want to stay home and take care of the little ones.

Some of her kids actually have two buddies that they take care of while Michelle only has one to take care of and Jim Bob doesn't have any.

Please take these two pathetic families off of the air because America just can't take it anymore.

We love Kate and the kids and we love the Duggar's, but these bad choices are just too much!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson Should be Intombed Like Eva Peron

Michael Jackson's body should be embalmed the same way that Eva Peron's body was embalmed so that it can be preserved forever.

I hope that they are planning something like it so that visitors can see Michael Jackson indefinitely.

I have know idea of how they preserved Eva Peron's body, but the technique has kept her lifelike and beautiful for years.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon and Kate Divorce Announced on TLC

TLC canceled the 9pm Pacific Standard Time Jon and Kate show today. The show aired earlier when Jon and Kate announced their separation.

This is all Jon's fault. He does not want to be a dad or be around his 8 kids that need him so desperately. I know this was probably caused by their quick rise to fame, but I really expected that he would handle it better. What a wimp!

Kate does not want the separation. You can tell that she was blindsided by this whole issue.

The show should be canceled altogether. No one will want to watch it now.

I guess Jon can have the kind of life he wants now, but who could even stand to be around the guy? Does he think that women will want him? Doesn't he realize that women were attracted to him because he was married and a great dad? Now that he has deserted his children, women will not want him. What a loser.

Poor Kate will just have to do her best to raise the eight kids on her own with her new drop in dad.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Music of Jim Morrison and the Doors is like no other

The Music of Jim Morrison and the Doors is like no other.

There has only been one Jim Morrison, whether you believe that he is still alive or dead, you have to admit that the guy was original. He was not afraid to be who he really felt inside and to say the things that other people did not want to talk about.

His unusual relationships and antisocial behavior attracted more attention to Jim Morrison than he wanted. He was not out to be a big celebrity, he just wanted to write his music and get it played in front of audiences.

He was not afraid to sing about the realities of life in his music. He sang about sex, perverse thoughts, death, uncomfortable feelings, facing reality and personal dilemmas. Jim Morrison showed us that we did not need to feel awkward about our human feelings.

It is true that the music of Jim Morrison and the Doors is like no other.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David Letterman Married Girlfriend After 23 years

I guess he must be a great guy, because Regina has stood by her man for 23 years before they married.

They met and began dating in 1986. In 2003, they had a son together, Harry.

He probably has been asking why daddy is not married to mommy and I am sure that is what prompted the recent Montana marriage.

You know how kids are when they are five or six, he probably would not stop. No matter what caused it, I am glad that David Letterman is finally doing the right thing. At 62 how much longer was he going to wait.

I know there are some celebrities that never marry, like my favorite couple, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I guess it works for them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8 is so selfish!

I just watched the season finale of season four of Jon and Kate plus 8. Kate said that she is living her dream. That she absolutely loves that the show is popular and now they have the money to do anything they want. Jon sat there and said that he has a problem with it. That now everyone knows him and he can't go out and have privacy. What does he want to do in private?

I guess may be the things that he was doing while at his mom's house for 8 days. He went out and partied and was photographed and now he does not like that.

He said that they might not come back next season. I guess he does not realize what his meal ticket is? He also does not like working at home. What a whinning weiner!

I am sure Kate will be back next season but I do not know if she will have her husband with her. I think that he wants to sew his wild oats.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jade Goody Dies at 27

Always a smile on her face, Jade Goody has lost her fight with cancer. Given just 2 months to live by doctors, Goody's cancer had spread to her groin, liver and bowel.

Goody gained fame at just 21 years of age after appearing on the British version of the Big Brother reality TV show. Her name has been in the headlines ever since, with her brash talk, and bold behavior.

Her reputation changed after her diagnosis of cervical cancer and she was complimented for bringing awareness to cervical cancer screenings.

Jade allowed cameras to follow her recent wedding to boyfriend Jack Tweed, her chemotherapy and life for the last month. She wanted to make money for the future of her two young sons, Bobby and Freddie so that they would not have the same upbringing that she did.

Goody is survived by her mother, husband, sons and family.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why Did Natasha Richardson Die at 45?

Why Did Natasha Richardson Die at 45?
It is impossible for us to know for sure until there is an official autopsy but the question on everyone's minds is why did Natasha Richardson die at the young age of 45? It is very difficult to swallow that she fell on the bunny slope of a ski resort during a ski lesson with an instructor and killed herself. May be we will find out that she had some kind of pre existing condition that caused her to fall in the first place.

I guess we now know how fragile our skulls can be. The only thing that I can figure is that she must have bumped her head on the temple or another sensitive spot that could not handle any sort of trauma.

This is so incredibly sad, Natasha and Liam had wonderful children that will miss their mother dearly. Poor Liam, this is so unbelievable.

I guess God had a plan and only he knows why Natasha Richardson died.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8 Divorcing

I am sure you have heard about the problems in the Jon and Kate marriage. I have concluded that they do have problems, but it is probably not a publicity stunt because Jon is just not that smart.
I hope he is smart enough to know that Kate and the kids are his meal ticket. Without them he has nothing. He may think that he has gained some fame or notoriety from the show but it would all dissipate if he divorced her and left those kids.

There are rumors that Jon has already moved out of the house and he only comes back for filming. That would be tragic if true. Those kids need him. All children need their father. Are you listening Nadya Suleman. That's right, kids are screwed up if they do not have a dad. Thank you Nadya for giving the world 14 more screwed up kids that will become screwed up adults.

Back to Jon, everyone would absolutely hate him if he did not stick in there and be a father to the kids and a husband to Kate. Even a bad father is better than no father, unless there is physical abuse.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Divorce Publicity Stunt

There are rumors out now that there is trouble in paradise with TLC's reality TV show couple Jon and Kate Gosselin, parents of twins and sextuplets. Although I do believe that Jon is selfish enough to divorce his wife, devastate his children's lives and cheat on his wife, I don't know if that is the case here. Because there is one thing that Jon loves more than himself. Money.

Most likely this is just a publicity stunt to get people to watch the season finale. The show is very boring, especially for people that started watching in from the beginning.

I have also noticed a transformation in Jon, he is trying to make himself look better and better, and I don't blame him for that, but he should have done it in private.

Although they may be having problems, I don't think there is a divorce coming up, at least not before their are out of their money contract, because for Jon, that is what it is all about, MONEY!

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Get Started in Acting

Everyone starts somewhere. You can start right now. Whether you are 18 or 80, it is never too late to get into acting. Actors are needed in every age group and every, varying amount of good or bad looks. After all it is acting, not modeling!

LOCAL COMMUNITY THEATRE - A great place to start is at your local community theatre. First go a see a show or two. Next contact the theatre to find out when they will be holding auditions. Keep trying until you get a part.

PRACTICE - A good actor practices for an unheard of amount of time. Read your script and memorize the lines exactly. For example, if the word in the script is cannot, than pronounce it correctly, do not say can't. After you think you have the lines memorized, go over them again just to make sure.

BIG TIME - When you think you are ready to advance, you may need to move to an area where there is a lot of work, such as New York or Los Angeles. Go to as many auditions as you can. Don't give up. It may take years and thousands of auditions before you get a break, but it will be worth it when it happens. If you quit, you will never know what you could have been.

AGENTS - Get yourself an agent as soon as possible. Let them know that you are very dedicated and that their time will not be wasted on you.
Good luck!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ellen, America's Favorite Lesbian Should Have Her Own Online Lesbian Dating Service

Apparently Ellen Degeneres has made herself the most popular lesbian in America, therefore I think that she should start her own lesbian online dating service. She definitely would be the go to gal for lesbian dating. She even has ex girlfriends that have become heterosexual again. And now with her famous marriage to Portia she has reached a higher level of fame and still has her television show.

And since America has gone down the slippery slope of allowing just about anything, why not have a segment of Ellen's show just dedicated to lesbians dating. She could also have her own website just for lesbian online dating services.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mesnick Dumps Fiance For Second Runner Up

I am sure that you have already heard that the "Bachelor" dumped his fiance, Melissa for his second runner up, Molly.

Now, of course, everyone is steamed. Women are pissed to say the least and I frankly do not understand it. Everyone should be happy. I think this guy did the right thing. Would it have been the right thing to stick with someone that he is not happy with? Seriously, should someone stay with someone that they are not happy with.

Would you want to stay with someone the rest of your life that you had second thoughts about.

Lucky he discovered it now. Better than divorce, am I right?

Divorce is so disgusting, especially if you have children. Everyone should be commending this guy, Mesnick instead of hating him. Can you imagine if they had kids and then he decided to ruin their lives by divorcing their mother.

There are so many divorces these days with no one thinking about the kids and how their lives are destroyed. Divorce ruins kids lives, but I guess it makes their parents lives better, who knows!

I don't know how anyone can afford it. Same amount of income, but two households to support.

Divorce is insane. Take a pledge, no divorce once you have children, unless their are abuse.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Katie Holmes Looks Pale and Gaunt

Katie Holmes Looks Pale and Gaunt

I don't know why anyone is surprised about this. Look who this poor girl is married too. He used to be her dream. Now he is probably her night mare. Tom Cruise has small beady crazy eyes. I actually am the one sole supporter that Tom Cruise had during the couch jumping on Oprah craze. What was wrong with him jumping on the couch anyway? I don't get it. But when it comes ot Katie I just feel sorry for her.

And Tom's kids with Nicole, when do they get to see their mother. It looks like Nicole does not have anything to do with them now, I sure hope I am wrong about that one.

Helio Castroneves Tax Trial Begins

Dancing with the stars superstar Helio Castroneves has been accused of hiding more than $5.5 million dollars in off shore accounts with out paying taxes on the money first. Helio who was beloved on the show Dancing with the Stars, could now face prison time if convicted.

We are routing for you Helio, we know that you did not try to keep tax money from your beloved country.

Keep up the good work Helio and stay strong we are all pulling for you. Don't pull and Obama and throw anyone under the bus.

Mel Gibson

Everyone is chatting about Mel Gibson making a comeback. The guy can get a movie deal any time he wants to. He is not down and out in Beverly Hills. Who cares about a drunk driving or a rant. This is Mel Gibson. The moment he wants to make a movie, I am sure his agent will find something for him.

I just cannot believe that Mel Gibson is such an outcast in Hollywood. Hollywood loves this guy. It is not like they have to give him a good movie, I mean seriously look at the ones they gave him in the past. But you do have to give him credit for the Passion movie. Christ is not an easy subject and he tackled it head on.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delivery Truck Photo - Not boobs!

Photo by Braydawg
Why is it when you search for a photo of a car online, you get lots of photos of boobs, can't I just get some car photos? Why do I have to sift through pages and pages of boob photos when all I want is a car photo?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Salma Hayek Weds French Billionaire on Valentine's Day

Go Salma! That's the way you do it! Money for nothing. Well almost nothing. We have relationships and sex anyway, why not have them with a rich guy. Salma is as smart as she is pretty that is for sure. What a cute couple.

Salma Hayek married frenchman, Francois-Henri Pinault on St. Valentine's Day. They already have a daughter, Valentina, born in 2007.

Their relationship has been kind of rocky since they first met in Venice in 2006. Hopefully this one will stick. I am so happy for the beautiful couple. Even if they have their differences, I hope they keep it together for their beautiful child.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etta James says "Beyonce is gonna get her @ss Whooped"

Jazz icon, Etta James has verbally attacked Beyonce weeks after Beyonce sang James' classic song "At Last" for the Obamas' first dance at the inauguration.

James told the crowd at her Seattle concert last week, "I tell you that woman he had singing for him, singing my song, she gonna get her ass whupped," and called her "The great Beyoncé."

She didn't stop there saying, "I can't stand Beyoncé... [she] had no business ... singing my song that I been singing forever."

She even went after the President himself saying "You know your President, right? You know the one with the big ears? He ain't my President."

James did not attend the inauguration apparently for health reasons.

Beyonce plays James in "Cadillac Records," which came out in December.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dog the Bounty Hunter Season Premiere

You will not want to miss the season premiere of Dog the Bounty Hunter on A & E, February 4 at 8:30/9:30pm. I absolutely adore this family, Duane Chapman and his beautiful and voluptuous wife Beth, this best friend (youngblood) Tim Chapman and his kids, baby Lissa, Leland and Duane Jr.

The fun never ends as they chase down bad guys, give them a good thrashing and then they let them know that God gives second chances and so do they. The convicts usually go into jail crying and begging forgiveness and with a promise to change their evil ways. Don't miss this thoughtful and crazy family.

Tori Spelling You Gotta Love Her!

Tori Spellings baby daughter, just said Mama for the first time at seven months old. How cute is that! I have always thought that Tori Spelling was terrific, a big smile, her sweet gentle way. I feel so bad that her mom is such a jerk. I really do not understand why these people just cannot get along. And now that her dad, Aaron Spelling is dead, her mother really should step up to the plate a be a decent person.

It just goes to show you that money cannot buy everything. It cannot buy happiness and it certainly cannot buy a decent mother.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stephen Kings says Twilight Author Can't Write Worth a Darn

This is so funny. I have always loved Stephen King, he admits that he tries to terrify his readers and if that doesn't work, he tries to horrify them and if that doesn't work he goes for the gross out. I have never thought of his writing as particularly good. It is his stories that are good, his writing is decent.

And now, I just heard that he is bashing the writing of Stephanie Meyer. Now, I have not read her books so I cannot say for sure if he is wrong or right, but if he is correct, it seems to be some of the pot calling the kettle black. Not being an excellent writer himself, more of a prolific writer, I would think that he would not want to bring attention to the fact that some writing is inferior.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bruce Springsteen was Awesome as Pittsburgh Steelers Win Superbowl 43

When Bruce Springsteen bent backward at the beginning of his performance, I thought, how is he ever going to get back up. But he did and it was amazing. Springsteen and Van Zandt reminded America of what we are all about. Liberty to enjoy life. I love the way he kept the songs short so that we were able to hear more songs. That was a smart approach.

The Pittsburgh Steelers put on quite a show as well. The cardinals found themselves being dragged into the endzone for a touchdown more than once.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Office after the Superbowl

Spoiler alert - The Office after the Superbowl was not as good as I thought it could have been. I was rolling on the floor when Angela threw her cat up into the ceiling tile and then it fell back down. I thought it was a little much that Dwight was disciplined twice. Seriously, anyone else would have been fired.
The story with Jim and Pam and her parents splitting up was pretty weak. I did enjoy the Jack Black Cloris Leachman story. That was hilarious. I love Jack Black.
The Stanley heart attack scene was not very funny as well as the continuing back story about Stanley.
Michael's roast was funny, but his mini roast of everyone else was funnier.
I am starting to like how dippy Andy is. He used to annoy me.

Michael Phelps and Bong Picture

Once again the media and all of its petty followers have to jump on the Michael Phelps non story. I do not know if he smoked pot, but I do not care if he did. Seriously, you cannot be the kind of athlete that Michael Phelps is if you are smoking pot on a regular basis. So that fact right there should tell you something. He is not regularly smoking or taking anything.

Michael Phelps is a super star, Olympic Gold Medal winner and all around great guy. He has to work all day, every day to keep up with what he has accomplished. Give the guy a break and leave him alone.

Jessica Simpson is such a Sweetheart

Jessica Simpson is a beautiful girl, talented singer and a super sweet person. Everyone is just jealous of her, that is why they are always attacking her. She is living a charmed life and other people just cannot stand it when someone is leading a charmed life. They just go crazy.

They are bad mouthing her because she quote "doesn't look good in mom jeans". What! Who cares. This is an incredibly beautiful girl. Why are they nit picking her jeans. Haven't you ever had a bad jeans day. I know I have. Would you want to be judged for it? Remember for it? Please people, let's get over the pettiness.

Allow Jessica to enjoy her wonderful life. I am secretly hoping that she will marry Tony Romo, he appears to be a great guy. I hope it is true.

The New Season of Lost

Bring it on, this is an excellent show. I thought it was kind of weird the first season with the polar bear type creatures, the weird sounds in the night and people getting randomly wacked, but they seem to have gotten over that phase and now it has turned into quite a good show. I am not a big fan of Jack, so I hope that Kate does not end up with him. I hope she ends up with Sawyer because that guy is so incredibly hot.

I love Locke and I hope that they do not turn him into a weirdo. I am starting to like the evil villian Ben a little bit. I hope he has more to offer, otherwise, I think they should just get rid of him, he is so annoying.

I can't wait to see Hurley, I love that guy. He is a great character.

The New Season of the Office

Woo hoo! Thank goodness the new season of the office has started. I have missed the rolling on the floor laughter and the goofy comedy of steve carell. I can't wait to see what is coming up for Pam and Jim. Of course, you know that their love cannot last, that is not the way Hollywood works. Is Kevin really special needs, he does appear so most of the time.

Will Serenity by Jan start making money, what will happen this new season, no one knows, but I can't wait to find out. I am going to watch all of the old episodes again just to get another good laugh.