Monday, March 23, 2009

Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8 is so selfish!

I just watched the season finale of season four of Jon and Kate plus 8. Kate said that she is living her dream. That she absolutely loves that the show is popular and now they have the money to do anything they want. Jon sat there and said that he has a problem with it. That now everyone knows him and he can't go out and have privacy. What does he want to do in private?

I guess may be the things that he was doing while at his mom's house for 8 days. He went out and partied and was photographed and now he does not like that.

He said that they might not come back next season. I guess he does not realize what his meal ticket is? He also does not like working at home. What a whinning weiner!

I am sure Kate will be back next season but I do not know if she will have her husband with her. I think that he wants to sew his wild oats.

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