Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sextuplets Dad, Bryan Masche Blindsided by Separation From Wife

Even though Bryan Masche says he was "blindside" by his wife filing separation papers, I think he is an idiot because it was a long time coming and caused by both of them.

First of all, they married too quickly without really getting to know each other first. I think it was probably because of Jenny Mashe's low self esteem. She seems to be a great gal, but she does not know it.

I don't know when she noticed that she married a big baby, but the rest of us noticed as soon as they got their own reality tv show. I am tired of hearing Bryan Masche calling his wife "retarded". He should be thanking the lord that one of his sextuplets is not retarded. He should be thanking his wife and appreciating everything that she does.

Next, the two dumb*sses decided to move to Florida away from all of the support and help of family and friends. Bryan had told Jenny that he would help with the kids. After they arrived, Bryan mysteriously had no work to do (wasn't he starting his own business as a financial planner) and Jenny had the weight of taking care of the whole family on her shoulders. She would work ten hour shifts and then come home to take care of the kids. Bryan never gave her a break. He is such as lazy @ss.

It is unbelievable that he is thirty two and still acting this way. It is probably because his parents allowed him to act this way when he was growing up. He is just too selfish to be a good husband and father, but that is what Jenny and the kids have.

The bottom line is that they did these things together and whether Jenny likes it or not, she needs a husband and the kids need a father, so she will have to do the best she can with what she has and unfortunately that is Bryan Masche.