Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sextuplets Dad, Bryan Masche Blindsided by Separation From Wife

Even though Bryan Masche says he was "blindside" by his wife filing separation papers, I think he is an idiot because it was a long time coming and caused by both of them.

First of all, they married too quickly without really getting to know each other first. I think it was probably because of Jenny Mashe's low self esteem. She seems to be a great gal, but she does not know it.

I don't know when she noticed that she married a big baby, but the rest of us noticed as soon as they got their own reality tv show. I am tired of hearing Bryan Masche calling his wife "retarded". He should be thanking the lord that one of his sextuplets is not retarded. He should be thanking his wife and appreciating everything that she does.

Next, the two dumb*sses decided to move to Florida away from all of the support and help of family and friends. Bryan had told Jenny that he would help with the kids. After they arrived, Bryan mysteriously had no work to do (wasn't he starting his own business as a financial planner) and Jenny had the weight of taking care of the whole family on her shoulders. She would work ten hour shifts and then come home to take care of the kids. Bryan never gave her a break. He is such as lazy @ss.

It is unbelievable that he is thirty two and still acting this way. It is probably because his parents allowed him to act this way when he was growing up. He is just too selfish to be a good husband and father, but that is what Jenny and the kids have.

The bottom line is that they did these things together and whether Jenny likes it or not, she needs a husband and the kids need a father, so she will have to do the best she can with what she has and unfortunately that is Bryan Masche.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Connect with Michael Jackson After Death

You may have never been able to meet Michael Jackson while he was alive, but now after his death, you may be able to connect with him through the spirit world. Michael Jackson's sudden and early death may have left him in limbo for awhile and not able to pass quickly to the other side. Take this opportunity to connect with Michael Jackson.

SEEK HELP - Find a seer, psychic, medium or clairvoyant to help you connect with Michael Jackson in the spirit world. Psychics will be able to help you with the best techniques to contact Michael Jackson in the spirit world. Most likely they will charge a fee for this service. If so make sure that you ask them what you will be getting for your money and in what circumstances you can expect a refund. Ask them what the chances are that you will make a connection with Michael Jackson or another spirit. The psychic may be able to read signs that you would not even notice.

SEANCE - Perform a seance with like minded individuals if you were unable to reach Michael Jackson using a medium. You may or may not want to use a psychic in your seance. Using a psychic or medium is not necessary, but may be helpful.

Perform your seance in a very private room of your home with absolute quiet. It is best if there is no other person home that is not participating in the seance. If they are a non believer, it may be difficult to get past their negative energy.

Join hands with your group of like minded friends that also want to connect with Michael Jackson.

One person should state your purpose for coming together and request that Michael Jackson join you.

Stay quiet for at least one minute to allow for an answer from the spirits.

TRANCE - Put yourself in a deep trance to contact Michael Jackson if you were unable to reach him using other methods. To induce a trance you will need to use some simple self hypnosis.

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position on your back. Relax your entirebody. Tell yourself that you will walk down a flight of imaginary stairs. In ten steps when you reach the bottom, you will be in a trance. While in your trance, request to see Michael Jackson. To come out of the trance, imagine yourself walking back up the stairs.

Michael Jackson dying is the last thing any of us thought would happen. Learn a lesson from the Michael Jackson death bed, do not take prescription drugs that you do not need and call an ambulance immediately when a loved one is unresponsive.

You can connect with Michael Jackson after death.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Great Gatsby Gayle!

Great Gatsby Gayle, you should fire both Tracy and Alexa.

Alexa is slightly more benign than Tracy but she is still a hater. I can't believe that Alexa actually hates marriage when she bases her business on doing makeup for the bride at weddings. Seriously, Alexa is a joke.

Alexa hired children to do a photo shoot with her wedding gown bride. Then she started freaking out that they acted like children. Alexa obviously hates children. What kind of person hates children. Gayle should fire Alexa just for that point alone.

Doesn't anyone at the Great Gatsby notice that Alexa is making fun of them behind their backs. The must see the show. They must know that she thinks she is better than everyone and she is soooooooooooo offended by everything the Gayle and Christy ask her to do.

And then there is Tracy. She is just downright evil. I am getting a little tired of everyone blaming the problem on both Tracy and Olivia. Olivia is just defending herself from Tracy's attacks. Tracy is just so immature and insecure that she keeps attacking Olivia.

Olivia is so cute with her dimples and she is so sweet. She doesn't even let evil Tracy get to her. Olivia showed how mature she was when she left the bar that Tracy was at after Tracy walked over to verbally attack her.

I think it is very irresponsible of Gayle and Christy to keep Tracy and Alexa now that they know what they are really like.

Would you want to have a woman that hates marriage do your makeup at your wedding? Is that some kind of Jinx or what?

Would you want someone to do your hair when their own hair looks like Mercer Mayer's "Critter"?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jerseylicious: Olivia vs. Tracy

I just caught a rerun of the new reality TV show, Jerseylicious. I absolutely love it! I love their choice of new make up artist, Olivia Blois Sharpe. She is so cute and sweet. Her rival is a hater named Tracy Dimarco.

Tracy is such a hater and just downright mean and evil to Olivia (and anyone else she can make fun of). I don't think that the owners of the salon will keep Tracy around once they see what she is really like. People will start hating her just like they hated Bobbi on General Hospital in the 80's. She is just too mean. It is especially difficult to watch because Olivia has such cute dimples on her cheeks and she is so incredibly sweet to everyone. The producers of the show will have to tone Tracy down. No one will want to watch her being so mean to Olivia.

When Tracy was making fun of Theresa behind her back no one cared because Theresa was crazy, but when Tracy is mean to Olivia, everyone hates it. I personally did not even want Tracy to get the job even though Theresa was weird. I was still hoping that Theresa would get the job. They may think that Tracy is good for ratings, but I don't think it will last. It is like the Skipper being mean to Gilligan. Everyone loved Gilligan including the Skipper. The Skipper could only push things so far, he could never be really mean to Gilligan or the audience would not like it.

Thank goodness Gayle and Christy decided to give Olivia a chance. She is a great gal who will bring the kind of excitement and sparkle that they are looking for. She is not perfect, but she tries hard and that is more than I can say for Tracy and Alexis. Alexis is the head make up artist who thinks she is better than everyone (kind of like Tracy). At least Alexis has a successful business to back up her attitude, unlike Tracy who has only been a hairstylist for less than two years.

In a nutshell, watch the show!