Sunday, April 4, 2010

Great Gatsby Gayle!

Great Gatsby Gayle, you should fire both Tracy and Alexa.

Alexa is slightly more benign than Tracy but she is still a hater. I can't believe that Alexa actually hates marriage when she bases her business on doing makeup for the bride at weddings. Seriously, Alexa is a joke.

Alexa hired children to do a photo shoot with her wedding gown bride. Then she started freaking out that they acted like children. Alexa obviously hates children. What kind of person hates children. Gayle should fire Alexa just for that point alone.

Doesn't anyone at the Great Gatsby notice that Alexa is making fun of them behind their backs. The must see the show. They must know that she thinks she is better than everyone and she is soooooooooooo offended by everything the Gayle and Christy ask her to do.

And then there is Tracy. She is just downright evil. I am getting a little tired of everyone blaming the problem on both Tracy and Olivia. Olivia is just defending herself from Tracy's attacks. Tracy is just so immature and insecure that she keeps attacking Olivia.

Olivia is so cute with her dimples and she is so sweet. She doesn't even let evil Tracy get to her. Olivia showed how mature she was when she left the bar that Tracy was at after Tracy walked over to verbally attack her.

I think it is very irresponsible of Gayle and Christy to keep Tracy and Alexa now that they know what they are really like.

Would you want to have a woman that hates marriage do your makeup at your wedding? Is that some kind of Jinx or what?

Would you want someone to do your hair when their own hair looks like Mercer Mayer's "Critter"?

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  1. Alexa has to go!!!!!!!!!! tracey is a "Whining Witch".but i guess the show needs some excitement.I would really like to see "T he Drab Fairy"Alexa, kicked off.