Friday, March 26, 2010

Jerseylicious: Olivia vs. Tracy

I just caught a rerun of the new reality TV show, Jerseylicious. I absolutely love it! I love their choice of new make up artist, Olivia Blois Sharpe. She is so cute and sweet. Her rival is a hater named Tracy Dimarco.

Tracy is such a hater and just downright mean and evil to Olivia (and anyone else she can make fun of). I don't think that the owners of the salon will keep Tracy around once they see what she is really like. People will start hating her just like they hated Bobbi on General Hospital in the 80's. She is just too mean. It is especially difficult to watch because Olivia has such cute dimples on her cheeks and she is so incredibly sweet to everyone. The producers of the show will have to tone Tracy down. No one will want to watch her being so mean to Olivia.

When Tracy was making fun of Theresa behind her back no one cared because Theresa was crazy, but when Tracy is mean to Olivia, everyone hates it. I personally did not even want Tracy to get the job even though Theresa was weird. I was still hoping that Theresa would get the job. They may think that Tracy is good for ratings, but I don't think it will last. It is like the Skipper being mean to Gilligan. Everyone loved Gilligan including the Skipper. The Skipper could only push things so far, he could never be really mean to Gilligan or the audience would not like it.

Thank goodness Gayle and Christy decided to give Olivia a chance. She is a great gal who will bring the kind of excitement and sparkle that they are looking for. She is not perfect, but she tries hard and that is more than I can say for Tracy and Alexis. Alexis is the head make up artist who thinks she is better than everyone (kind of like Tracy). At least Alexis has a successful business to back up her attitude, unlike Tracy who has only been a hairstylist for less than two years.

In a nutshell, watch the show!

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