Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Connect with Michael Jackson After Death

You may have never been able to meet Michael Jackson while he was alive, but now after his death, you may be able to connect with him through the spirit world. Michael Jackson's sudden and early death may have left him in limbo for awhile and not able to pass quickly to the other side. Take this opportunity to connect with Michael Jackson.

SEEK HELP - Find a seer, psychic, medium or clairvoyant to help you connect with Michael Jackson in the spirit world. Psychics will be able to help you with the best techniques to contact Michael Jackson in the spirit world. Most likely they will charge a fee for this service. If so make sure that you ask them what you will be getting for your money and in what circumstances you can expect a refund. Ask them what the chances are that you will make a connection with Michael Jackson or another spirit. The psychic may be able to read signs that you would not even notice.

SEANCE - Perform a seance with like minded individuals if you were unable to reach Michael Jackson using a medium. You may or may not want to use a psychic in your seance. Using a psychic or medium is not necessary, but may be helpful.

Perform your seance in a very private room of your home with absolute quiet. It is best if there is no other person home that is not participating in the seance. If they are a non believer, it may be difficult to get past their negative energy.

Join hands with your group of like minded friends that also want to connect with Michael Jackson.

One person should state your purpose for coming together and request that Michael Jackson join you.

Stay quiet for at least one minute to allow for an answer from the spirits.

TRANCE - Put yourself in a deep trance to contact Michael Jackson if you were unable to reach him using other methods. To induce a trance you will need to use some simple self hypnosis.

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position on your back. Relax your entirebody. Tell yourself that you will walk down a flight of imaginary stairs. In ten steps when you reach the bottom, you will be in a trance. While in your trance, request to see Michael Jackson. To come out of the trance, imagine yourself walking back up the stairs.

Michael Jackson dying is the last thing any of us thought would happen. Learn a lesson from the Michael Jackson death bed, do not take prescription drugs that you do not need and call an ambulance immediately when a loved one is unresponsive.

You can connect with Michael Jackson after death.

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