Friday, March 20, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8 Divorcing

I am sure you have heard about the problems in the Jon and Kate marriage. I have concluded that they do have problems, but it is probably not a publicity stunt because Jon is just not that smart.
I hope he is smart enough to know that Kate and the kids are his meal ticket. Without them he has nothing. He may think that he has gained some fame or notoriety from the show but it would all dissipate if he divorced her and left those kids.

There are rumors that Jon has already moved out of the house and he only comes back for filming. That would be tragic if true. Those kids need him. All children need their father. Are you listening Nadya Suleman. That's right, kids are screwed up if they do not have a dad. Thank you Nadya for giving the world 14 more screwed up kids that will become screwed up adults.

Back to Jon, everyone would absolutely hate him if he did not stick in there and be a father to the kids and a husband to Kate. Even a bad father is better than no father, unless there is physical abuse.

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