Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon and Kate Divorce Announced on TLC

TLC canceled the 9pm Pacific Standard Time Jon and Kate show today. The show aired earlier when Jon and Kate announced their separation.

This is all Jon's fault. He does not want to be a dad or be around his 8 kids that need him so desperately. I know this was probably caused by their quick rise to fame, but I really expected that he would handle it better. What a wimp!

Kate does not want the separation. You can tell that she was blindsided by this whole issue.

The show should be canceled altogether. No one will want to watch it now.

I guess Jon can have the kind of life he wants now, but who could even stand to be around the guy? Does he think that women will want him? Doesn't he realize that women were attracted to him because he was married and a great dad? Now that he has deserted his children, women will not want him. What a loser.

Poor Kate will just have to do her best to raise the eight kids on her own with her new drop in dad.

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