Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TLC Drops Jon Gosselin - Good for you!

TLC has dropped Jon Gosselin from the Jon and Kate plus 8 show. The new show starting November 2, will be called Kate plus 8. Apparently Jon will still be on the show intermittently and TLC claims that he is still under an "exclusive" with them.

Hopefully they will drop him altogether after his contract expires. America does not want to see Jon Gosselin rewarded for destroying his family, divorcing his wife, moving to another state and then claiming that he is still a good father.

TLC has done the right thing for America, their television ratings, Kate Gosselin and the Gosselin children.

Jon needs to get the message that he has done the wrong thing. That message does not seem to have penetrated his thick skull yet. Hopefully this latest move by TLC will send him a stronger message: You have wrecked your own life along with your children's lives.

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