Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Take The Gosselins Off the Air - Jon has Ruined Kates Dream

Please do everyone a favor and take the Gosselin's off of the air so that Kate and the children can live in peace. Jon ruined Kate's dream life of having her own reality TV show, having eight happy kids and having enough money to live great.

Sorry Kate, you married a big "you know what". Too bad you had eight kids with him because now you will always have to deal with him.

Now it has come out that he slept with the nanny. This is just disgusting and frankly, no one wants to hear about it again.

We are also tired of hearing that the Duggar's are going to have another kid. Please make it stop. Everyone loves the Duggar's family. What is not to love? But, Michelle really needs to face reality. She is putting herself and her baby in danger at this point and it is not worth the risks.

Michelle, please stop being so selfish. I just heard that some of your older daughters are not going on to college because they want to stay home and take care of the little ones.

Some of her kids actually have two buddies that they take care of while Michelle only has one to take care of and Jim Bob doesn't have any.

Please take these two pathetic families off of the air because America just can't take it anymore.

We love Kate and the kids and we love the Duggar's, but these bad choices are just too much!

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