Sunday, February 1, 2009

The New Season of Lost

Bring it on, this is an excellent show. I thought it was kind of weird the first season with the polar bear type creatures, the weird sounds in the night and people getting randomly wacked, but they seem to have gotten over that phase and now it has turned into quite a good show. I am not a big fan of Jack, so I hope that Kate does not end up with him. I hope she ends up with Sawyer because that guy is so incredibly hot.

I love Locke and I hope that they do not turn him into a weirdo. I am starting to like the evil villian Ben a little bit. I hope he has more to offer, otherwise, I think they should just get rid of him, he is so annoying.

I can't wait to see Hurley, I love that guy. He is a great character.

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