Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jessica Simpson is such a Sweetheart

Jessica Simpson is a beautiful girl, talented singer and a super sweet person. Everyone is just jealous of her, that is why they are always attacking her. She is living a charmed life and other people just cannot stand it when someone is leading a charmed life. They just go crazy.

They are bad mouthing her because she quote "doesn't look good in mom jeans". What! Who cares. This is an incredibly beautiful girl. Why are they nit picking her jeans. Haven't you ever had a bad jeans day. I know I have. Would you want to be judged for it? Remember for it? Please people, let's get over the pettiness.

Allow Jessica to enjoy her wonderful life. I am secretly hoping that she will marry Tony Romo, he appears to be a great guy. I hope it is true.

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